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Patients at Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Body Pain Relief Center discuss about their problems and successful treatment by the experts at Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Dental. Read their Body Pain Testimonials and discover how their pains vanished with the right diagnosis, careful treatment and caring doctors.

Mr. Ashish Dhir

Senior Cameraman, CNN-IBN 7 Senior Cameraman, CNN-IBN 7Back Pain curedI am working as a senior cameraman at CNN-IBN 7 and for few years I was undergoing a lot of backache problems. Since I had to carry a heavy camera on my shoulders for hours, throughout indoor and outdoor shoots, my pain kept increasing day after day. Thus, my job became a big nightmare for me.

Then a miracle happened, my tooth hurt because of which I visited Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Dental Body Pain Relief Center. There I came across an informative brochure on curing body pains through teeth. Their explanation appeared rational to me and I consulted few orthopedicians for undergoing a treatment, within 2 months of my treatment I started recovering.

It has been a year one and today, I do not feel any pain in my back while carrying the camera for long hours. Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division I am really grateful to your services and the team of expert doctors.

Knee Pain Testimonials

Mrs. Usha Brady

Mother of famous RJ, Khurafati Nitin Migraine and Knee Pains curedFrequent migraine attacks had left me with no hope of getting cured. Things became more worrisome with my prolonged knee pains. I could not sit in a car or move out with my children during daytime as the sunlight would trigger migraine. That is when my son, the famous radio jokey (of Delhi), Khurafati Nitin recommended me to visit his dentists at Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Dental. Today, all my migraine problems are cured including my knee pain. It is so wonderful to come across a technology which can cure your pains through your teeth. Can't thank you enough Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Dentists.

Cervical Pain Testimonials

Mr. Rajiv Makkar

Cervical pain curedEarlier I used to exercise regularly for half an hour in the morning. But because of my cervical problem I had to stop exercising. And to get rid of my problem, I visited at least six doctors and underwent numerous treatments but nothing seemed to work well. After visiting Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Dental, within 15 days of my treatment, 60% of my cervical problem had been cured. Today, I am thankful Dr. Sanjay Arora and his excellent team. I wish them success in future

Mr. Biju Nair

Software Engineer, USA Neck Pain much betterI am a software engineer, running my own business in Chicago, USA. For last few years, I had been suffering from neck, cervical and shoulder pains which eventually started affecting my work cycle and made matters tough. Even after seeking help from highly trained doctors in USA, my pain persisted. Physiotherapy exercises helped to some extent but it involved time consuming sessions. After sometime I decided to undergo a treatment at Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Dental where my shoulder pains were healed through my teeth. Within a month, I started feeling 50% better and for last two months I have not had any major pain attack which would otherwise leave me in deep distress, at least twice in a month.

Shoulder Pain Testimonials

Mr. Lalit Mahajan

CMD, J.Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd. 27 years Shoulder Pain vanishedI have been suffering from severe shoulder blade pains for the past 2 years. So much so that I had become completely dependent on at least twice a week of body massage sessions. This in turn disturbed my regular work process which was becoming more strenuous. Five years ago, I visited Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Dental for my dental treatment. There I met Dr. Sanjay Arora who informed me about the advanced treatment process which could cure all my body pains through my teeth. To my surprise, within few months of my treatment at Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Dental, 27 years of my never ending pain simply vanished. It has been almost five years now, today I feel fit and fine. Thank you Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division and Dr. Sanjay Arora for providing best of expertise for curing my pain.

Migraine Pain Testimonials

Mr. Kamal Ahluwalia

Neck and Shoulder pain curedBefore the treatment I constantly had pains in the shoulder area and used to suffer from a stiff neck. However a week or so after the treatment I realized that I was not having any pain any longer.

Mrs. Kamlesh Karir

Migraine pain curedFor months al that I did was sit back and cry, tears been rolling down my eyes. I had been constantly moving from dentist to ENT specialist because both sides of my head pained severely, it worsened with every passing day. So intense was the pain that I still shudder to think about it. My daughter took me to Dr. Arora. He happened to be my savior. The technologically brilliant T – Scan along with 5 other scans at his chamber corrected my bite in minutes, my pain vanished. A miracle I must say!

Thanks to team Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division for curing my spitting headaches.

Dr. Vinita Arora

Migraine pain curedI had been having pains, headaches constantly and locking of TM Joint for 5 years especially in the morning when I used to get up. I am completely cured after, I got my occlusion corrected with 3D computer scanning last year. Thanks to Dr. Sanjay Arora.

Dr. Neerja Singhla

Migraine pain curedI am Dr. Neerja Singhla (MDS) was suffering from severe migraine & moderate backache (lumber) with left leg Parathesia. After treatment with Dr. Sanjay Arora my problems are totally solved. The headache is drastically gone. I need not take any medication for the same earlier I used to take analgesic almost daily which was disturbing my life in all aspect. But within a month of treatment my life is changed. All thanks to Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division Dental.

Mr. Sushil Jaiswal

Migraine pain curedI am a garment merchant. My work require daily travelling from one city to another. For Ten Years, I am suffering from headaches and body ache which are making my life miserable. Even my business is suffering. Then I came to know about Zental Tmj & Body Pain Division through my nephew. After getting my teeth corrected with latest machines, my headaches are totally gone & body aches are reduced by 50% and I am getting my life back.

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